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Back home

The internet connections were too poor for me to be able to add to the
blog while I was in Swaziland!

But the trip was fascinating. Fiction has a history of providing a
platform from which personal accounts of the effects of current and
critical issues can become part of the wider dialogue and the information
I gathered – in the form of personal stories – will go towards
constructing a narrative strand within my new novel, written from the
perspective of a woman who is HIV positive and living in a rural area of

I was also contributing to literature programmes at Waterford Kamhlaba,
(one of the 12 United World Colleges), by taking classes and workshops in
creative writing. Waterford assisted with my research by providing support
services and giving access to potential interviewees through their
Community Service projects, many of which support those affected by HIV
and AIDS.

Click here for examples of writing by two students, both aged 13, who are
studying at Waterford Kamhlaba. The first is a short story about an
imaginary animal, the second describes the colour black by writing through
the five senses.



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Getting ready

On Friday 6th November I will be travelling to Swaziland, where my new novel is set, to explore the impact of HIV and AIDS on the country. Swaziland’s HIV infection rate is over 42% among women of child-bearing age, which is estimated to be the highest HIV rate in the world and the numbers testing HIV positive are continuing to rise. While in Swaziland I want to meet with researchers and aid and development workers to examine the impact of the AIDS crisis on a variety of people, this will involve a three week creative research project. The trip will develop my creative potential by allowing me to reshape and complete my third novel.

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